WhatsApp dare games to play with your friends and lovers

Smartphones loaded with several applications and feature got us closer to our loved ones. Whenever you want to create some personal moment or teas the other person, then dare games are the best option. These are somehow a source to opening up about the things you cannot talk about normally. Many people find the WhatsApp dare games as a source to build a closer connection to their love. On the other hand, these are great fun for friends as well.

Here are some games that you can play with your friends as well as lovers:

Ask to pick up a number and fulfill the dare

It is more fun to keep the dare hidden behind numbers and ask your friend or lover to select. One will fall into his or her selection. The game will turn epic when the person will pick up something crazy or really out of the situation. You can put the following dates on the numbers:

  1. Put the most recent click in your gallery on WhatsApp status
  2. Propose a guy or girl you least like in your contact list
  3. Post “Getting married” on your WhatsApp status
  4. Click and send your picture right in the position you are
  5. Announce your relationship status to everyone
  6. Tell me what scares you the most

Ask to select a book color

Thankfully, you have several book colors available in the emoji zone. It turns out a great setup for the next dare game. You do not have to do anything but ask your lover to select a book color. Hide some crazy and somehow controversial statements behind it and the answer will shock your lover. Eventually, you can have an opportunity to tease him or her a bit more

  • Pink book – you love me
  • Red book – passing time with me
  • Green book – cheating on me
  • Bluebook – you are crazy about me
  • Orange book – you need me
  • Book stack – you want a breakup

Dare to explore feelings

There are certain questions that you always wanted your friends or lover to answer. The WhatsApp dare baccarat games to let you have access to these answers using these dare opportunities. Just ask these questions and let your friends answer them. Then you will post these answers to your story.

It can be a nice conversation starter. You can include questions like:

  • Describe me in one word
  • Who I am for you?
  • What was my first impression of you?
  • What do you feel about me?
  • Do you trust me?
  • Things you do not like about me
  • My name is saved on your phone.

There is much more to explore!

There are a few ideas to get started with the daring games. You have the opportunity to design numbers games of your choice. If you receive any of these games in a chain, you can make a few changes to it and play with your friends. There can be riddle questions, rearrange words, convert emojis into a sentence, and much more.

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