Mount Speakers on The Wall Without Drilling Holes

Installing a speaker on the wall improves your listening experience but installing a speaker on the wall is a DIY process that you may need to handle yourself. You may be wondering if it is possible to wall-mount the speaker or soundbar without drilling holes. Yes, it is possible in many different ways like mi portal fone which is a great way of learning.

Drilling holes are sometimes not allowed by the landlord of the building as they can damage the structure. Sometimes it is also prohibited because of the materials used in the construction of the walls.

You’ve just bought a new set of speakers and a soundbar, and you can’t wait to hear their crystal clear audio in your room. You want to attach the speaker to the wall to experience the surround sound, but can you install your speaker without making a hole in the wall? You can visit the Soundbar Guru for the latest speakers and soundbar information.

You can use alien tape or command hooks to mount the speaker to the interior wall without drilling. These products are recommended for light to medium weight speakers. For heavier speakers, consider using image hooks that can handle the weight.


If you are new to these growing methods, keep reading. Next, we’ll talk in more detail about drill-less speaker options and unique options for soundbars. We’ll even provide some tips to make sure your speakers are as safe as possible, some warnings about the increasing damage to a regular speaker, and the best replacement for a wall-mounted speaker. You can visit how to connect soundbar to computer.

How to Mount Your Speakers to a Wall Without Drilling

There are many instances where you can’t drill the speaker mounts against the wall. Maybe your wall is a hard material, like a brick wall behind a fireplace. More generally, if you live in an apartment, your landlord may not want you to dig a hole in the wall. It’s easy to patch the missing parts of the paint at the end of your lease, but replacing the holes? It takes more time and effort.

Fortunately, when it comes to installing your new speakers, you’re not completely out of options. Here are some ways to get rid of the drill to test light to medium-weight speakers.

Your first option is to rely on command hooks. The good thing about these hooks is that they are available in all sorts of places, from your home improvement store to most department stores and even some grocery stores. You can also find them online here.

Command hooks are a favorite option for growing things between pictures, holiday decorations, and practically everything. You get six strips in one pack. One of the best features of 3M Command Hooks is that they can be removed from the wall without any residue. I’ve used command hooks many times on walls, metal and windows, and they get cleaned. Make sure you follow the correct procedure to peel them.

Alien Tape (great for soundbars and on smooth surfaces)

Another option we recommend to install an internal speaker without a drill is to use alien tape. This strong adhesive is ideal for these purposes, and they hold firmly! One of the great benefits of alien tape is that you can cut a piece that suits your speaker (long, wide; etc.). This is ideal for sound bars as the alien tape can extend the entire length of the speaker. The second advantage is similar to the 3M command strips – you can clean the alien tape without damaging your wall.

Alien tape will adhere well to smooth surfaces such as ceramic, wood, glass and most plastics. It does not remain as strong on unprotected or corrugated surfaces as bare bricks.

Wipe and clean your walls with abrasive alcohol, then attach the alien tape to your wall and speaker. Here’s a simple video that explores the many uses of alien tape.

Secure Home Hero Tip: Keep in mind that the manufacturer claims that Alien Tape can support up to 17.5 pounds. I recommend using speakers that weigh 10-12 pounds or less.

As an alternative to adhesive, you can use what is called an image hook. As the name suggests, this type of hook is intended to enhance framed images so that you can display them on your wall. Although not every image hook is necessary, make sure you buy one that weighs more than your speaker.

Image hooks are straightforward! They do not need a drill, stud finder, or wall anchor. All you need is a hammer. For example, this 120-Piece Professional Picture Hanger Kit has a wide range of hooks that can hold up to 10-100 pounds. The hooks in the picture will leave holes in the wall, but it is smaller than drilling. Here is a video that will show you how easy it is to install a photo hook.

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